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Mystery Shopping

Frequent store checks for an every day smile
In today’s world bad service is instantly shared on-line. Brands have to ensure that service quality is consistently good, every day. Traditionally service levels are checked one to four times per year.

Shopbust believes in “quality-through-quantity” and enables brands to measure service levels more frequently without increasing costs. As a brand you know on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis how outlets are performing and where corrective action is needed.

As a brand owner you have created standards that will drive operational excellence. Shopbust provides the insights you need to make sure your stores follow those standards. Shopbust evaluates your operational performance against your internally defined goals.

With Shopbust you can check every store every day:
- Team member appearance, friendliness and engagement
- Wait and service time
- Cleanliness and general appearance of location
- Product recommendation & up-selling of additional products and services
- Overall on-site customer experience

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning"
- Bill Gates
"Make a customer, not a sale"
- Katherine Barchetti
"Right or wrong, the customer is always right"
- Marshall Field
"Good customer service costs less than bad customer service"
- Sally Gronow
"Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction
- Horst Schulz
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